About Levira Home

Since 1971
Your Home Deserves The Best
Our History

It all started when Levira International was founded in 1971, in Portugal. A company that delivers custom solutions for your company’s office spaces. As time went by, we noticed there was a lack of well-designed, good quality and affordable home office furniture. For that reason, Levira Home was born. An online brand made to create solutions for every home that you’ll love. Our baby steps soon started to get bigger, and we realised that more than home office furniture, our customers need solutions for all spaces. So, in 2021, we enhanced our catalogue with products for each area of the house. 

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Levira International was established.
Creation of Levira Home;
Became an Amazon brand.
Transition from home office furniture to pieces for every space.
Our mission is to create pieces that will revolutionise your home while leading the path for a more sustainable future.
We aim to improve your comfort, productivity and health, through one-of-a-kind solutions without harming the environment.
Our Values
Inclusivity, Equality and Well-Being are at the core of our business, along with green practices. Our main concern is our employees, customers and the environment, therefore they are behind every process and new product.
Social Responsability
We are committed to do more for our community and achieve fair treatment of all stakeholders. Some of our policies are to source from suppliers that follow the free trade standards and donate to important causes.
Made in Europe

By manufacturing and sourcing locally, we can guarantee long-lasting products made with quality materials, sustainable production, compliance with the EU regulations and standards, and help the local economy. Our origins makes us stand out as a brand and is a promise that we care for our customers, employees and the environment.

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Our Group
It all started in 1971, when Levira International was born.
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Extraordinary products designed by creative people.
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Sustainability at Levira

Our approach is all about the long-term relationship, conscious manufacturing, sustainable materials, detail and quality of our furniture pieces. We believe in a sustainable future and are working actively to do our part. In every process of product development, we strive to guarantee the minimum environmental impact possible.

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4 Principles

Sustainability is more than the words green, eco-friendly or natural, it’s the actions, procedures and commitment that the company is willing to do.

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Green Delivery
Quality & design

Having quality materials is only one of the aspects that make our products high-quality, the thought behind the design and value for money is also very relevant elements to consider. A product made to solve a real problem, easy to use, efficient and that can serve several purposes, but that does not make a dent in your wallet is the definition of high-quality in itself.

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We’re not the only ones who know our
products are the best choice
About Levira Home
We believe that your home deserves the best, so we strive to deliver innovative and quality solutions for every space.
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A brand with Portuguese roots and very proud of its origins, we love to give back to our community and help local businesses.
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Our values
We believe in taking actions, so we choose the environmentally responsible options and make sure to give back.
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