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Since 1971
Levira International Group
Our History

Levira International was founded in 1971 in Aveiro, Portugal, and today has more than 500 employers. The first brand of the Levira group. We assume a sustainable growth policy and invest in a sophisticated technological park, in the creation of infrastructures aimed at protecting the environment and in the specialization of our human resources. We believe that the focus on design and quality are factors that have allowed us to gain an important position in the national and international markets.

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Some of our clients
Built Relationships With Companies That Assure High Standards.
Family & Friends

50 years of making history together! We have truly become a family, our group has grown and welcomed new companies however our priority continues to be our employees. The ones that allow us to be a company that is changing the world, one furniture at a time. The ideals and values of our employees are of utmost importance and are always taken into account. We believe that the well-being of our employees promotes motivation and improves their daily productivity.

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About Levira Home
We believe that your home deserves the best, so we strive to deliver innovative and quality solutions for every space.
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A brand with Portuguese roots and very proud of its origins, we love to give back to our community and help local businesses.
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Our values
We believe in taking actions, so we choose the environmentally responsible options and make sure to give back.
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