Privacy Policy

General aspects

The use of the Levira Home site automatically provides the user status. Thus, whenever you use our site, the acceptance of all the clauses presented in the Terms and Conditions will be implicit. We appreciate that, if you do not accept some of these provisions, do not access or use our site.

This site does not depend on a specific authorization to visit it, so you will not have the obligation to register as our member to see our products, but if you want to buy a product and/or ask any questions, it will be necessary to provide your e-mail and name.

Intellectual property

Levira Home developed this site for the sale of furniture products, this way all the materials on this site, from the design of the products, photographs and texts, are property of the same.

Any copying, sale, resale, modification or other form of profit, whether for commercial purposes or not, is not authorized.


The sites under Levira Home can contain links to other possible sites, which are not the responsibility of this company but of third parties. We ask, therefore, that whenever you access other sites of other entities, even from this one, read the respective privacy policies.


  • On the site you will find our products that are produced in Portugal. We assume responsibility for our products and that is why we will assume that the user categorically agrees with:
  • The images presented by us are merely illustrative.
  • Please, before buying any product, read its description, which is available on the site itself. In case of doubt you can contact us through Customer Support (Contacts)
  • Levira Home brand has the right to discontinue any product without the need for notice.

However, Levira Home will take all possible care to keep its client updated and to guarantee that the information available on this site is the most accurate.

Final provisions

Levira Home as the owner of this website has the right to terminate any type of relationship with a user who does not comply with these rules and /or has had any less appropriate behavior.

The customer, in turn, also has the right to end his registration on this site if he does not agree with any action on the same.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy refers to the privacy rules within the scope of the activity practiced by Levira Home.

All personal data provided to us by the user when using our portals, online sites and other services performed by us will be treated with the greatest confidentiality and maximum security determined by the legal provision in force.

The user is fully responsible for the violation of these regulations and must comply with the applicable legislation, especially in terms of computer crime and intellectual property rights.

In short, any attempt to alter information or any activity that could jeopardize the integrity of the system is prohibited.

Personal Data

The user has the right to deny the processing of his personal data.

Just as you have the right to object, you also have the right to ask for your personal data to be rectified or deleted at any time.

Likewise, if we have your consent for the use of your personal data, you will have the right to remove them without compromising the validity of their treatment and you can, through the data protection officer, request: information about your data; Information about processing;

The correction, or updating, of data; The deletion of data, without prejudice to the legislation applicable to the treatment in question.

If necessary, use the contacts available on the Contacts page.

Levira Home will safeguard your personal data for as long as necessary according to its purpose. The retention periods of your personal data may differ according to the studies required at the time. This company is committed to taking the necessary measures for your safety.


No personal data will be collected on this site that are not necessary for the service requested. At no time will personal data be collected by us that has nothing to do with the activity provided by us. Our website does not need authorization to be used, so it will only be necessary to provide any type of personal information if you want to make a purchase, return or take a question through our website, or if you want to be part of our contact list.


Cookies and other similar technologies are used on this website in order to improve performance and the user’s browsing experience.

They serve, in a way, to increase the speed and efficiency of response.

Levira Home does not use cookies that collect personal information that allows the user to be identified and only collects basic information such as the region and other data.

Certain cookies are essential for the functioning of the site as they serve to recognize the user’s device the following times that he visits the site.


The cookies used by us are as follows:

– Essentials: used to remember what was added to the cart, which allows access to private areas, allows certain services to be carried out.

– Analytical: which is the data provided for the collection of information that allows to improve the use of the website and allows the collection for the statistical analysis of navigation and visits of the website.

– Segmentation: which allows the possibility of interaction of social networks, such as sharing and tastes (Facebook, Addthis, Twitter, Instagram ..)

The use of Cookies

In the browser it is possible to prevent the use of cookies. You can do that in the browser settings, however, if you limit this option, certain utilities of this site may be compromised.

Return Policy

Our return policy is based on the law in force that allows our customer to return a product within 14 days of:

the day the customer receives the product;

the day on which the customer or receives the last product, if he has ordered several products in a single order and they have been delivered separately;

upon receipt of the complete product (s), original packaging in perfect condition and without signs of use.

Warranty Service

During the legal warranty period, we guarantee the repair or replacement of the product that presents manufacturing deficiencies or deficiencies caused by transport, when this is the responsibility of Levira Home. For more information, check our Warranty Service.

Change to the security and privacy policy

These Terms and Conditions, which you should read carefully may be changed considering that the changes come into effect from the date of their publication on this website, with express reference to the date of update.


If you need to make a complaint, we ask that you contact us through the means available HERE.